Homeschool Teaching – Four Rules to Success

You have decided to homeschool your children. Now, you need to learn and to follow the five rules of homeschool teaching success.

The first rule is select a homeschooling school to provide your educational materials. Homeschooling schools are institutions which provide a full range of services to parents who homeschool their children. Particularly, such schools provide a core set of courses to meet state requirements, as well a selection of electives. In addition, most homeschooling schools issue student identification cards and diplomas.

Secondly, join a homeschooling association. A homeschooling association will keep you up to date on legal requirements for your state and help guide you in complying those requirements. The association will also act as your advocate before state education officials and policymakers, much like a parents/teachers association does for public schools. Further, associations can help you with the administrative end of homeschooling.

Thirdly, you should subscribe to a homeschooling magazine. A good home schooling magazine is critical to the success of parents who are thinking about, or have already made the decision to home school their children. This is because homeschooling can be complicated and downright scary to those who may not know where to start. And as a busy parent, why reinvent the wheel?

I checked out a few of these and was impressed with the link for “Homeschooling Today: A Journal for Home Discipleship which those interested in a Christian education experience would be interested in. Another site, :The Teaching Home,” has been around for over 27 years and presently offers only an online version of its magazine. Like Home Discipleship, The Teaching Home is written within a Christian context.

Fourthly, join a homeschooling parents online forum. Such forums provide a unique opportunity for you to interact with other parents and share your wisdom with them as well as seek their advice. Sometimes, you might feel alone during your homeschooling experience. Other parents are there to assure you that you are not alone and that you are a vital member of a large and informed community.

You decided to homeschool your children because you want the best for them. Now, insure that success by following the above four rules. Happy homeschool teaching!